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The Staffie is a courageous and intelligent breed with a ‘cheeky chappie’ personality. Sadly they have a bad reputation but in fact make the most gentle family pet when owned by responsible owners. With their short coats they can be susceptible to extreme weather conditions, far more than other breeds. This magnificent breed of dog looks stunning in the Elwin quilted Green dog raincoat and it suits all different Staffie fur colourings. To complete the look there’s also a matching Crispin Corduroy dog collar and dog lead.

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Hanbury RE16 Dog Collar

Hanbury RE16 Dog Collar£76.00  (2)

New Elwin Olive Dog Coat

New Elwin Olive Dog Coat£59.00

Hanbury RE16 Dog Lead

Hanbury RE16 Dog Lead£79.00

Hanbury BL16 Dog Collar

Hanbury BL16 Dog Collar£76.00

Hanbury BL16 Dog Lead

Hanbury BL16 Dog Lead£79.00

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