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Josephine Bonaparte, William Hogarth and Queen Victoria all had pugs. For Fawn coated Pugs the Crispin corduroy dog coat or Hoxton Tartan dog coat looks fabulous and hugs their curved body shape really well. For the Black coated pugs I always go for a stunning contrast of the Pixley Pink Harris Tweed Dog coat or the Lime Appleby Harris Tweed Dog coat. The candy colours suit a pugís playful personality. For total pampering, let your pug snuggle up in matching Harris Tweed dog beds or one of the block colour corduroy dog beds.

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Watney Duffle Coat

Watney Duffle Coat£145.00  (1)

Hanbury BK16 Dog Collar

Hanbury BK16 Dog Collar£76.00

Hanbury WI16 Dog Collar

Hanbury WI16 Dog Collar£76.00

Chadwick Dog Jacket

Chadwick Dog Jacket£145.00  (1)

Stepney Pull-On Neck Warmer Red

Stepney Pull-On Neck Warmer Red£18.00  (2)

Sutton Denim Designer Pet Carrier

Sutton Denim Designer Pet Carrier£185.00  (2)

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper£89.00  (1)

Digby Tweed Dog Bed

Digby Tweed Dog Bed£265.00  (1)

Rydon Purple Dog Jumper

Rydon Purple Dog Jumper£89.00  (2)

Wilmot Red Dog Jumper

Wilmot Red Dog Jumper£49.00  (6)

Wilmot Yellow Dog Jumper

Wilmot Yellow Dog Jumper£49.00  (6)

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