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Miniature Poodle


This highly intelligent breed loves to play ball and fetch, so a Wilmot squeaky toy is a must for them. I love seeing toy and miniature poodles ‘au naturel’ rather than groomed in the traditional ‘show dog’ style – it reminds me of the cutest teddy bear on earth! For strutting that star quality that they have, it’s got to be the Chanel-inspired Appleby or Pixley collection dog coats. Whether your poodle’s coats is brown, white or black they’ll look stunning.

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Chadwick Dog Jacket

Chadwick Dog Jacket£145.00  (1)

New Elwin Olive Dog Coat

New Elwin Olive Dog Coat£59.00

Hanbury OR16 Dog Collar

Hanbury OR16 Dog Collar£76.00

Douglas Doggy Duvet

Douglas Doggy Duvet£119.00  (1)

Hanbury YE16 Dog Collar

Hanbury YE16 Dog Collar£76.00  (1)

Sidworth Tweed Dog Bed

Sidworth Tweed Dog Bed£265.00  (1)

Wilmot Blue Dog Jumper

Wilmot Blue Dog Jumper£49.00  (4)

New Elwin Navy Dog Coat

New Elwin Navy Dog Coat£59.00  (1)

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper£89.00  (1)

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items