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Jack Russell


I have a soft spot for Jack Russell’s as this is the breed of my own dog, Rabbit. He’s prone to kennel cough and hates the rain, so I keep him dry as much as possible with the Winkley dog raincoat. If it’s dry but cold he wears his Appleby Harris tweed dog coat. He also looks great in the Wilmot Lime dog sweater. Because of their multi coloured fur, Jack Russells tend to look striking in strong colours that contrast with their natural coat colouring.

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New Elwin Olive Dog Coat

New Elwin Olive Dog Coat£59.00

Chadwick Dog Jacket

Chadwick Dog Jacket£145.00  (1)

Hanbury BL16 Dog Collar

Hanbury BL16 Dog Collar£76.00

Watney Duffle Coat

Watney Duffle Coat£145.00  (1)

Wilmot Red Dog Jumper

Wilmot Red Dog Jumper£49.00  (6)

Cecil Blazer Dog Coat

Cecil Blazer Dog Coat£145.00

Hanbury RE16 Dog Collar

Hanbury RE16 Dog Collar£76.00  (2)

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper

Rydon Indigo Dog Jumper£89.00  (1)

Wilmot Grey Dog Jumper

Wilmot Grey Dog Jumper£49.00  (4)

Wilmot Blue Dog Jumper

Wilmot Blue Dog Jumper£49.00  (4)

Douglas Doggy Duvet

Douglas Doggy Duvet£119.00  (1)

Hanbury OR16 Dog Collar

Hanbury OR16 Dog Collar£76.00

Wilmot Fern Dog Jumper

Wilmot Fern Dog Jumper£49.00  (1)

Wilmot Plum Dog Jumper

Wilmot Plum Dog Jumper£49.00


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items