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Great Dane


Great Danes are full of charm and personality. For this gentle giant, that often needs care not to be over exercised (due to fast growing joints), they look great and enjoy the luxurious comfort of our hand-made dog beds. My personal style choice is the Amberley Liberty print dog bed. Big dogs like a Great Dane always look like a celebrity when they wear a Dog Bandana. The Amberley bandana is a real winner and suits all Great Dane fur colours, including Fawn, Brindle, Blue or Black.

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Hanbury BL16 Dog Lead

Hanbury BL16 Dog Lead£79.00

Hanbury WI16 Dog Collar

Hanbury WI16 Dog Collar£76.00

Hanbury WI16 Dog Lead

Hanbury WI16 Dog Lead£79.00

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