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Saturday, 01/01/2005

About Lilly & Rabbit


They give a dog a home for life –what’s not to love!

Battersea Dog’s trust will go to any lengths to ensure the welfare of our canine friends, from reuniting lost dogs with their owners to restoring them to good health and finding them new homes.

We love the Retired Greyhounds Trust for re homing greyhounds who no longer race. Just because their racing days are over doesn’t mean their lives should be.

Guide Dogs UK train dogs to guide the visually impaired in their day to day lives. They make our “we love” page for proving that dogs really are man’s best friend.

The Search and Rescue Dog Association trains heroic pups to find missing people across the UK, ensuring our standards of search and rescue are kept high.

Save A Dogs aims to reduce the number of pets unnecessarily put to sleep every year and to find foster homes for a number of abandoned dogs. We love their commitment to the cause.

Dogs For the Disabled trains dogs to be of assistance to families with autistic children and those suffering from disabilities. They create unwavering, lifelong relationships between dogs and those with disabilities.

This charity not only helps dogs like Rabbit, but lots of other animals too. That’s why we love them.

This Turkish charity protects the many street dogs seen wandering the roads of Kalkan. We love them for caring for the dogs when many would simply overlook them.