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About Lilly & Rabbit

Saturday, 1 January 2005  |  Admin


For many years, Lilly was a successful designer of knitwear and textiles for fashion houses. In the late nineties Lilly’s sister became the proud owner of a dog called Missy, a gorgeous half Chihuahua-half miniature pincher. As a doting auntie, Lilly wanted to lavish dog gifts on Missy, but couldn’t find good quality dog clothing that would fit her tiny frame. In desperation, Lilly started making her own dog clothes for Missy, using fabric from her own collection.

Lilly’s first gift was a crocheted dog sweater, and this was followed with a dog blanket with Missy’s name on it, and a fleece-lined designer dog coat. People started asking where Missy got such a gorgeous outfit. Lilly realised there was a gap in the market for well-made, couture clothing for dogs, so in 2002 she embarked on a career change, and LoveMyDog was born